How to Write a Cover Letter that Stands out to ESL Employers

Published : 01 Mar 2021 | Author : ESL Job Station

A cover letter plays a very important role in your job hunting. As an adage says: “The first impression lasts.” Your cover letter can be likened to a receptionist in an establishment. A good receptionist can have a very good impression on the guests. On the other hand, an incompetent one can give a lasting bad impression. Thus, it should be your goal to make a very fine cover letter when hunting for an ESL Job. Doing so will increase your opportunity of getting the best ESL job offer you could get!

Here are tips for writing a cover letter for an ESL Job application. We hope it will help you make a cover letter that stands out to ESL Employers!

1. Use simple and familiar terms. Most of your prospective employers are not native English speakers. Thus, avoid using difficult words that may be very unfamiliar to a non-native. Instead, try to use commonly used words and expressions while still making sure that your thoughts are well expressed in the letter.

2. Proofread your cover letter. Make sure that all spellings and grammars are correct. Wrong spellings and grammatical errors will give you a bad impression of your prospective employers or may even limit your job opportunities.

3. Make your purpose clear. Draft your letter with the goal of getting an ESL Job. If your letter has no focus and mentions many irrelevant subjects, it would be difficult for the reader [prospect employers] to see your desire to work as an ESL Teacher.

4. Highlight your strengths and experiences. Your prospective employers are interested in your experiences that demonstrate your ability to interact with children, youth, or adults. You can highlight in your letter the qualities and experiences you have that make you an effective ESL Teacher.

5. Consider the following contents for your cover letter:

  • Shortly introduce your name, age, and nationality
  • Explain why you want to work as an ESL teacher and why you are fit for the job
  • Your teaching experience on/off-line, if you have
  • Hobbies that you think may help you in teaching
  • Your personality
  • A couple of things you think are most important to be a successful teacher.
  • Why do you want to work in your preferred location?*

6. Make it short and clear. Your cover letter must be short and clear. One page by A4 may be perfect.

Self-Introduction video, Resume, and Location

  • Video: A self-introduction video is a great aid for ESL employers during the screening process. Thus, if you have one, you may include the link in your cover letter.
  • Resume: Highlight your experiences that would be applicable to the teaching job.
  • *Location: The more flexible with location, the more chances you can get to find a job.